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Since its inception in 1979 Project 12-Ways has operated under the auspices of the Behavior Analysis & Therapy Program which is part of the Rehabilitation Institute at Southern Illinois University. Many families served by Project 12-Ways are involved with the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services because of a history or serious risk of child maltreatment. 


Project 12-Ways receives funds from Title XX (of the Social Security Act) through an agreement wit the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and the Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS).

Our Model

Project 12-Ways utilizes a behavioral parent training model that emphasizes assessment and training within the context of a family’s daily routine(s). This approach is formally called Contextually Valid Family Training (CVFT™). We use the model to ensure parents are being supported in the environment they raise their children (e.g., family home) versus receiving support in a classroom setting. The model also allows for our staff to collect data and provide the family with specific feedback on their progress versus the more traditional approach that is based on subjective opinion. In addition, the assessment process allows for our staff to measure a parent’s ability to maintain their skills across time and during progressively challenging circumstances. Since 1992 this model has been successful with helping parents utilize child management techniques that increase positive interactions between the children and parents, increasing parents’ skills needed to protect against exploitation, and helping families remain intact.